General Dentistry

Practicing good oral hygiene means maintaining your smile by visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of your teeth and gums between check-ups.

Our General Dentist will work with you to develop a customized dental hygiene :

Pediatric dentistry

A Healthy Start 

Teaching your child healthy habits from an early age will help them maintain a healthy habits, and thus a healthy teeth and smile for the rest of their life. In CDA, we have well qualified professionals who will make your child as comfortable as possible. If you have any question about pediatric services, please contact us to ask your questions or take an appointment.


Without doubt, orthodontics represents one of the strongest points of the CDA. Over the years, our orthodontics device has achieved spectacular results in terms of dental alignment. We are waiting for your visit to help you choose the type of orthodontic appliance that is most suitable for you.


Healthy Gum Means Healthy Teeth !

A periodontist is specialized in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. In CDA, we developed a variety of procedures that can maintain and improve the health of the soft tissues in your mouth.  If you have any questions about how you can have a healthy, attractive smile like many of our other patients, please contact us today.


A crown, bridge, or veneer… ? You might have heard these words without knowing the difference between them, or what would be the best option to replace your natural teeth/tooth. In the prosthontics device in CDA, we can help you find the best solution for your case. We are waiting to answer all your questions.

Implant & Oral Surgery

In CDA, we have a special focus on Oral surgery, giving out the highest calibre of surgical care for patients requiring implant placements, bone grafts and treatments for diseases and injuries to the teeth, jaws, mouth, bones and facial structures. We  provide a very high quality of care through a high surgical expertise, unparalleled understanding of aesthetics and function, and advanced training in anesthesia.

Oral Radiology

For the convenience of our patients and to ensure quick and effective diagnoses, CDA provides Oral Radiology services : X-rays of teeth, jaws and head. The center is providing digitalize radiology services

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